Black Swan Security Services

Forward-thinking security management

Black Swan International has operated in Papua New Guinea since 2011 and from then has looked to set the standard for security, risk management and advisory services. We provide integrated solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique situation, and bring a culture of compliance, accountability and respect to all our operations.

Continuous improvement underpins everything we do. We have an extensive and structured training and induction program, along with a career progression program to develop leadership from within. We have created clear and defined channels of communication to enable managers to quickly identify issues and adapt our processes.

We also understand how important local knowledge is to our success. PNG is our home and we appreciate the diverse people and cultures that make up this country. Our emphasis on developing partnerships with local people, government and communities ensures we have a positive impact wherever we operate. Moreover, we employ over 2,700 local employees across a range of security, advisory and transport services.

What sets us apart

  • Heavy investment in our people, including extensive training, development and career progression programs

  • Broad range of services, geographical coverage and familiarity with PNG

  • Well-defined, tested and proven processes involving a centralised 24-hour National Operations Centre (NOC) in Port Moresby enabling rapid decision-making

  • Vast networks including key government, foreign diplomatic, police, military and community stakeholders

  • Our relationship with our clients as partners in achieving shared goals

Security management and risk advisory

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