Black Swan International Celebrates International Security Officers Day

Black Swan International (BSI) in commemoration of the International Security Officers (ISO) Day on the 24th of July 2021, recognized our security personnel with a formal parade, awards ceremony and a hot meal as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

ISO Day is celebrated worldwide yearly on the 24th of July. The date is symbolic as 24/7 represents the nature of security work. Black Swan International participated in the day’s celebrations by providing our officers hot meals before deploying them to their operating sites.

Black Swan security division managers selected officers who stood out and performed above and beyond their duties, rewarding each of those outstanding officers with a dry food hamper and a Certificate of Recognition.

Several key clients also participated in the event, showing their appreciation by collaborating with Black Swan to make an ‘Appreciation video’ for the security team on the ground. Black Swan would like to thank Mr. James Rice – exiting CEO of Paradise Foods Company, Mr. Hulala Tokome from Puma Energy PNG, Mr. Ian Clough from the Brian Bell Group, Mr. David Pidik from Bank of South Pacific and Mr. Paul Rowland from The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) for their kind words and contribution towards our feature video.

Black Swan International is more than just a security company – it is a proficient, professional security solutions provider and our security officers work tirelessly behind the scenes every day to protect our people, our clients and their businesses. The act of rewarding our staff for their commitment and dedication was a small gesture, but well received and greatly appreciated by our employees.

We take this opportunity to say “Thank you team. We value you, your contribution and your commitment to keeping our communities safe this International Security Officers Day”.