You will note an article in the National today regarding a disturbance at Jackson Domestic Airport on the 03 November.

The issue unfolded after an intoxicated unidentified male driving a motor vehicle failed to slow down and crashed his vehicle into the car park boom gate at the Jackson Domestic Airport. Our security team moved quick to contain the situation when the unidentified male became violent and assaulted the first security officer who came to his aid. The situation escalated with the male destroying NAC property and fearing for the safety of members of the public who were in the vicinity of the incident, our security team managed to contain the individual until NAC Security and Police arrived. The male was subsequently handed over to police.

Black Swan prides itself on adhering to the highest possible operating standards and ethical practices and expect all of our staff to always act in accordance with the highest standards of respect towards staff, residents and the communities in which we serve. We commend our staff for their brave actions in what was a difficult situation.