Black Swan International (BSI) is a regional leader in the provision of secure transportation services and currently operates a fleet of over 200 vehicles, including 4WDs, SUVs, buses, vans, trucks and VIP vehicles in Port Moresby and throughout PNG. BSI provides its clients with a diverse range of transportation services including pick-up/drop-off (PUDO) staff transportation, GPS tracking and monitoring, ad hoc transport services, VIP secure transport, vehicle escorting and cash-in-transit (CIT) services.

BSI transportation services clock up over 1 million kilometres per month ensuring the continuity of our clients’ operations across PNG. BSI is committed to providing high quality and professional transportation services that guarantee the safety and security of our clients, BSI personnel and that of the general public. As such, it is essential that our drivers are trained to the highest standards.

BSI drivers are subject to a rigorous selection process which starts at the recruitment phase. Drivers must complete a general road rules knowledge test then are subject to an initial driver assessment test which ensures they can safely and efficiently operate a vehicle. This assessment is followed by further training which is designed to instil BSI standards and confirm competency as a professional driver prior to being deployed on operations.

To enhance this training and assist with ongoing refresher training, and as part of BSI’s commitment to technology, BSI recently purchased a Driver Simulator. This simulator will be employed at several stages of BSI’s professional development of its drivers including the initial step of selection, advanced defensive driver training and annual refresher training and assessment designed to reinforce critical aspects including safe driving techniques, fatigue management, and compliance with national road laws.