After almost 3 and a half years with Black Swan International, we say farewell to Kimberley Didei. After acquisition, Kimberley was the first Paladin staff to transition into BSI. As stated by Executive General Manager, Brent Thomson “Kim has sometimes been my right and left hand”.

Kimberley has built an unfathomable reputation within BSI, one that is truly quintessential. She is truly an empowered female leader who always ‘grabs the bull by its horns’. We sought after a few of the BSI staff to share their experiences with Kim. Here’s what they had to say:

“It was a great experience working with Kim and under her management. She is one of those strong, independent, and professional women I know. Some leaders where trained, others were born natural leaders and Kimberley is one of those.

I wish her all the best and may our good lord guide and bless her through her journey.”

Melynda Powaseu – Governance and Compliance Manager

As Kim would say: “I do not tolerate excuses, because I do not give excuses”.

“Prove them wrong and show them you are more than capable”.

“Kimberley is a multi-skilled, intelligent, determined, and dynamic leader. Working with her has been an enriching experience for me, as she has constantly encouraged me to challenge my own limitations and rise above. She is a beacon of inspiration to me, and her work ethic is admirable.

I am grateful to have worked under her leadership!”

Jacobeth Bera – Business Support Officer

“Kim wears her pain like it is a pair of high heeled shoes. She is fearless and caring and lovingly gives with passion and beauty every day.

At the age of 31 she has what

 it takes to be a victorious independent fearless woman. “

“Believe in yourself and rise up woman of GOD!”

Joanne Hisiu – Executive Assistant to Executive General Manager

We also took the opportunity for Kimberley to briefly share her BSI experience with us.

“I didn’t start my professional career in security. It’s not for the faint of heart. I always say, most of what I know now, and all the skills that I have picked up through experience and learning on the job, has been fr

om all the responsibilities I had as a manager at Black Swan International. My manager pushed me towards undertaking projects I had never done before, and each time, I learnt something new. I couldn’t have achieved results without his support and the support of my colleagues who I value and respect so much. I just want to extend my deepest thanks to the team, for your individual role in my personal and professional development.

My advice to my successor? Your team is your most valuable commodity. Your success is inherently tied to this collaboration. Value your people. Good luck!”

Kimberley Didei – Departing Business Support Manager

The team at Black Swan International, wish you nothing but the best Kimberley. You leave behind a trend-setting legacy. You have inspired us to dream beyond the clouds, build beyond our capacities and to continue to push forward through it all. Thank you for being the outstanding leader and friend to us. From here it’s ‘See you later’ and never ‘Goodbye’. We miss you and wish you GOOD LUCK!